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Part of Positively Wellington Venues
TSB Bank Arena, Queens Wharf, Jervois Quay, Wellington 6140, New Zealand
PO Box 2199, Wellington. Ph:(04) 801 4231 Fax: (04) 801 4277
email: info@pwv.co.nz


Part of the Queen’s Wharf development, the TSB Bank Arena is now managed by the Positively Wellington Venues.
The idea behind the wharf development was for a significant public space with the retention and enhancement of historical maritime character. Under the Lambton Harbour design guide existing wharf buildings are to provide precedents for new developments with their simple rectangular plans and use of traditional robust materials.event01.jpg

The Centre, designed by Craig, Craig and Moller was completed in 1995. It evokes the style of surrounding wharf buildings, and is of robust steel and concrete construction, orientated in line with other wharf buildings.
However it is of a considerably larger scale and looks somewhat out of place next to its smaller neighbours and as a result has been the cause of considerable public controversy.

It provides a large indoor venue for both concerts and sporting events within the centre of the city.



Click images to view panoramas

A 4 or later browser is required with Java enabled. Once the image fully loads (which may take a little while depending on the speed of your connection) it will automatically begin panning and you may then interactively view it.


View from north end of east balcony


View from centre court east side


Venue in these panaoramas is in "sports layout" - sports nets between courts. Retractable seats north and south end fully retracted. Photos taken pre 2005 seating upgrades.


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PLAN DOWNLOADS - revision date 12/05

View gif plans of venue.

Clicking on an icon below will open a two colour gif plan of the venue. The gif plan is optimised to print on landscape A4 paper direct from the browser.

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Section North / South
Section West / East
Plan Level 0
Plan Level 1
Plan Level 02
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Download the venue plan to use in your CAD program.

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CAD drawing simplified & adapted from architects "as built" drawings supplied by the venue.
vw_event_151205.zip (485k)
Includes all levels & Sections



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